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  1. Small xD

    Cerere UP All Might

    PRO ! Very active
  2. Small xD

    Cerere Waltham

    u already have SLOT but PRO anyway for a HELPER
  3. Small xD

    Cerere Admin Teddy

    PRO for a HELPER
  4. Small xD

    Reclamatie shazam

  5. Small xD

    Propuneri Small xD

    Propunerea/Sugestia : making chatbox in the forum Cu ce crezi ca ne-ar putea ajuta : to make the members of the forum chatting easier Link de download : - Avantaje : Help members Dezavantaje : - Alte mentiuni : -
  6. Small xD

    Cerere Slot de Noapte

    Contra you do not have the minimum of the hours required