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  1. Earlier
  2. Nick: [ZEW]Majestic. Skype: raul.sisu1 ID STEAM: nu mai am steam Varsta:16 Experienta admin (timp): 2 ani Admin de (noapte/zi): amandoua .. intru si seara si ziua Ore jucate pe sv : 10 dar o sa fac imediat multe ca sunt foarte activ..
  3. Give me new password.
  4. Someone went with my nick (kamenjar) and used /slotme and now i can't get in the server with my nick. Someone to help me?
  5. Model :unban Numele tau :sai Numele adminului :Just!ce sau ceva gen Ip : de anglia creca Motiv : i-am zis c-o fut pe ma-sa Data : azi Explicatie : chiar voiam s-o fut pe ma-sa Dovada : pe profil am
  6. Nick: SAI[TM] Skype: - ID STEAM: - Varsta: 22 Experienta admin (timp): 6+ ani(diferite sv cu diferite moduri) Admin de (noapte/zi): 50/50 Ore jucate pe sv https://www.gametracker.com/player/sai[TM]/ + altele 80 ore de inainte.
  7. Nick: >Trick.JumpClan< VeNoM. Skype: No skype you ID STEAM: Andrei1810 Varsta: 17 Experienta admin (timp): 5 ani Admin de (noapte/zi): zi Ore jucate pe sv : https://www.gametracker.com/player/%3ETrick.JumpClan%3C%20VeNoM./
  8. Guest

    Cerere VIP G5 + FTP

    1. You are hacking. 2. You are playing rules off. 3. For VIP you need to donate and for the ftp...is not given. 4. You didn't respect the model of the request. 5. You need 30h for helper. 6. "I KNOW I WILL BE ACCEPTED SO LOCK THIS POST BEFORE SOMEONE SEE THIS" No one knows if your request is accepted or rejected, only Sphirit knows. And you are not Sphirit.
  9. Nick in joc:HailStorm73 Nick-ul adminului pe care-l reclami:whatever. Data(ziua/ora/minutul-aprox.):8/13/2019 1:30 aprox Durata banarii (daca este cazul) :120 min Motivul:no.rules (cica) vreau dovada ca am facut off rules sau nu am respectat vreo regula. Dovezi:https://imgur.com/jixQhfa
  10. StefanP

    Reclamatie Alexsander

    Alexsander has already injured me earlier,he doesn't playing with the rules when there's no another admin online,he even dont know the server rules. In short lines,that kid don't deserves helper or any admin.I dont have proofs now,but everyone who don't accept my words and who dont believes me,can ask Shazam.
  11. I made skype: Aleksej Zdravkovski (same picture)
  12. Nick: kamenjar Skype: i dont use skype but i can make one,easy ID STEAM: "kamenjar" 1080 STEAM_0:0:25411811 ***I play nonsteam most of the time but i have steam too there is my ID*** Varsta: 17 Experienta admin (timp): 3-4 Years, been admin on most of the servers , not only hns but public, zombie,blockmaker too. Also i was admin on the last 500 gravity server. Admin de (noapte/zi): I play day and night, very active on the server. Ore jucate pe sv : https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ (*before the restart of levels, on the server it said that i have 57 hours and i was 92 level*) I know English excellent, but not Romanian . Also i play very very good (my opinion )
  13. kamenjar

    Reclamatie Alexsander

    He changed to hns_mie , we were 5 players.. mie is too big for 5, he should learn a little bit more
  14. Guest

    Reclamatie Alexsander

    Nick in joc: whoizken Nick-ul adminului pe care-l reclami: alexsander Data(ziua/ora/minutul-aprox.): 8/11/2019 | 9:45 Durata banarii (daca este cazul) : - Motivul: In primul rand il apara pe venom adica sta cu el acolo si nu-l ataca chiar daca jucam on si cand incerc sa-l omor imi da slap si dupa ii spune lui venom sa ma omoare. Dupa imi zice "shut up noob" si dupa imi da gag 5 minute pe nici un motiv. Dovezi:http://prntscr.com/orb19g http://prntscr.com/orb1bt http://prntscr.com/orb1e1 http://prntscr.com/orb1gg
  15. Dion

    Cerere VIP G5 + FTP

    U probably asking who i am ! im Called DIOOOO ( A true Legend ) . I was the first player on this Server and im so pro. All admins ask me for wg cuz they think im hacking . BUT im not hacking im a really pro . I want VIP on this server not FTP just was kidding ( i know that if i asked u u would give it to me but i dont want THANK YOU ) . So i have 15 Hours and i have experience with admin from 1954. Next time i hope i couldnt ask u for the VIP u would give me it by your self directly . I love you Mr . Sphirit ( No HOMO ) . I KNOW I WILL BE ACCEPTED SO LOCK THIS POST BEFORE SOMEONE SEE THIS . Goodbye
  16. Acceptat. Pm cu numele si parola.
  17. Mr.Sphirit

    Admin Password Need

    Send me new password.
  18. Nocsi

    Cerere UNBAN

    BIG contra. 1. As chrome sad above, u need to respect the model 2.The ban is well deserved,when no admin was on the server guess what u were doing, u were cheating. (pretty sure i got u on a recording)
  19. Chrome.

    Cerere UNBAN

    Contra! Respect the model of application
  20. Chrome.

    Reclamatie whatever

    -1 comportament neadecvat.
  21. Nick in joc: Cata1997Mike Nick-ul adminului pe care-l reclami: kamenjar Data(ziua/ora/minutul-aprox.): 7/25 seara Motivul: abuz dgl/he ( 4 hit dgl / 6 dgl round ) Dovezi: 1. http://www.girlshare.ro/3769758480.4 2. http://www.girlshare.ro/3769758479.3 Cineva sa ii scoata level-ul din cauza lui a plecat 2 persoane de la ct in 10 min.
  22. AirRfaNs

    Cerere Helper Nocsi

    Pro, conteaza mai mult comportamentul decat varsta si pe server prezinti mai mult de 14 ani parerea mea 🤷‍♂️👌
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