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  2. PRO, să fii mai activ .
  3. Guest

    Cerere admin boOm.

    Nick:boOm. Skype: ID STEAM: extasy311 Varsta:25 Experienta admin (timp):10 ani Admin de (noapte/zi):ambele, mai mult de noapte Ore jucate https://www.gametracker.com/player/boom./
  4. Nick:Legendary ^_^ All Night Skype:- ID STEAM: - Varsta:17 Experienta admin (timp):3-4 ani Admin de (noapte/zi):zi, in weekend pot si de noapte Ore jucate pe sv : am jucat cu orice nume posibil, nu am un numar exact de ore
  5. Mr.Sphirit

    Cerere admin SakaL

    Acceptat. Pm cu numele si parola.
  6. Acceptat. Pm cu numele si parola. Acceptat. Pm cu numele si parola.
  7. Revin-o cand ai cel putin 25 de ore ! https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ T/C
  8. Earlier
  9. SaKaL

    Cerere admin SakaL

    Nick: SakaL Skype: nu am ID STEAM: - Varsta: 18 Experienta admin (timp): 3 ani Admin de (noapte/zi): zi Ore jucate pe sv: https://www.gametracker.com/player/SakaL/
  10. Nick: Al3xaNdru Skype: Nu am ID STEAM: - Varsta:15 Experienta admin (timp):2 ani Admin de (noapte/zi):zi Ore jucate pe sv :https://www.gametracker.com/player/Al3xaNdru/
  11. Numele tau : Logitech Numele adminului : Nu știu. Ip : Motiv : Nu știu x2. Data : 19.11.2019 Explicatie : Deci eram pe sv si m-am dus sa-mi iau suc si cand am venit eram banat.. Dovada :Snapshot0000.bmp
  12. Sa vedem si dovada lui, zic...
  13. Respec the model of application
  14. Chrome.

    cerere unban

    Dovada concreta.
  15. I don;t see your hours....
  16. ShAzAM abusing me 2,3 days, I kill him, he say "noob" , "kid" and more. He keeps gaging me for stupid reasons, kicking, I copied this from console: [DEAD] ivan : noob cant kill me and kick me [DEAD] ivan : I will say this to Ursu too. [DEAD] ivan : u will se reta-rd [DEAD] ivan : gag me now piece of shit >Trick.JumpClan< ShAzAM : bro i dont care about u or ursu [Reset score] Daca vrei sa iti resetezi scorul, foloseste comanda /resetscore sau /rs ! [hNs] Topurile au fost updatate. (/rankme / /topjucatori / /topore) [hNs] Generez Cuvantul: 7aDkadi . Cine il scrie primul va primi 3 puncte. - - - - - - - - YOU ARE BANNED - - - - - - - Admin >Trick.JumpClan< ShAzAM banned you for 120 minutes, reason: bye. >Trick.JumpClan< ShAzAM : no gag Admin: >Trick.JumpClan< ShAzAM ---- Time: [09.11 - 18:13] ---- IP: >Trick.JumpClan< ShAzAM : ban >Trick.JumpClan< ShAzAM : 89`40`233`52[HNS'PLAYARENA'RO] - BEST [H](N) SERVER >Trick.JumpClan< ShAzAM : bye [DEAD] ivan : <3 Nick: ivan ----- ID: VALVE_ID_LAN ---- mID: 66246422 Reason: bye ---- Duration: for 120 minutes - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Not recording a demo. Kicked by Console: "Admin >Trick.JumpClan< banned you for 120 minutes. Reason: bye. See console ofr details. ." Kicked : "Admin >Trick.JumpClan< banned you for 120 minutes. Reason: bye. See console ofr details. ." He abusing his Admin, and I don't know how even his apply for admin gets accepted he is such a garbage, sorry for bad words and bad grammar. I think he needs to be demoted.
  17. Acceptat. Pm cu nick si pass.
  18. Nick: [ZEW]Majestic. Skype: raul.sisu1 ID STEAM: nu mai am steam Varsta:16 Experienta admin (timp): 2 ani Admin de (noapte/zi): amandoua .. intru si seara si ziua Ore jucate pe sv : 10 dar o sa fac imediat multe ca sunt foarte activ..
  19. Give me new password.
  20. Someone went with my nick (kamenjar) and used /slotme and now i can't get in the server with my nick. Someone to help me?
  21. Model :unban Numele tau :sai Numele adminului :Just!ce sau ceva gen Ip : de anglia creca Motiv : i-am zis c-o fut pe ma-sa Data : azi Explicatie : chiar voiam s-o fut pe ma-sa Dovada : pe profil am
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